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It has EVERYTHING you need to know about preparing ahead and getting to the Caucus in time to participate.  We need everyone's participation to elect a candidate who can unseat Tom Garrett (Republican). We need a Democratic candidate who will represent and work for ALL the citizens of the 5th District of VA.




TUESDAY April 3rd at 10:00 am

Please join us at 10 am on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Town Hall Building in Stanardsville (19 Celt Road across from the County Administration Building). Parking is available behind the Town Hall or across the street.  We have lively discussions concerning pertinent state and local issues, guest speakers and candidates, and fellowship!

Come join us! 



SUNDAY APRIL 15TH at 5:00 pm

Greene County Democrats invite the public to attend our Sunday evening Potluck on each 3rd Sunday of the month at the Grace Episcopal Church Hall (97 Main Street, Stanardsville). 

*5:00pm Arrive for Social Time

* Meal Begins at 5:30pm

*5:50pm Announcements and Business Meeting  as Meal Continues


Program for APRIL 15th

Planning for the upcoming Greene County Caucus and a review of how it is to be run.  

Another Great Potluck Turn-Out

March 18, 2018 


Approximately 50 people attended the Democratic Committee Potluck on March 18th at Grace Episcopal Church Hall to hear Roger Dean, “RD”, Huffstettler who is running for the 5th District House of Representative.  A more detailed report of his talk at the Potluck can be found on the LOCAL NEWS page of this website.  Elizabeth Alcorn, Chair of the Greene County Democrats, reviewed the process for the upcoming Caucus which will be held on Saturday, April 21st.  See our Caucus Information Page on this website for more information.


March 16, 2018 El Milagro Restaurant 

A cheerful group of about 30 met at  El Milagro Mexican Restaurant in Ruckersville on Friday March 16th for Happy Hour, 7pm-9pm. We shared good food, ample drinks, and met up with old and new friends. It was nice to take a break from all of the hard work everyone has been doing and get to know each other a little better by talking about things other than politics for a change. Okay, to be truthful, we did talk some politics, but politics did not dominate the conversation! Ben Cullop, 5th District Candidate, stopped in to spend some time with us all and updated us on how the campaign has been going. Thanks for stopping in, Ben, it was nice to have a chance to sit down and really chat! Our thanks go out in a big way to El Milagro Restaurant for having us and serving us such delicious food and drinks. You were very gracious to accommodate the needs of such a large group..... ¡Muchas gracias!

Another BIG Crowd at the March 6th Morning Coffee

The Democrats met for their monthly morning coffee at the Town Hall in Stanardsville on March 6th.  We again experienced larger than normal crowds with standing room only.  People are excited about the coming of the Blue Wave across our county.  People are concerned about the direction our country is heading. People are electrified over the GREAT choice of candidates we have running for the 5th District House seat, all 4 determined to knock Tom Garrett out of that seat. Elizabeth Alcorn, our local chair, opened the meeting with announcements about the upcoming Greene County Democratic Caucus.  Elizabeth issued a general appeal for those in attendance to Volunteer to do whatever they can over the coming months to get out the vote.  The entire country is looking at Virginia to guide the way for big wins and big changes. It is up to us to do so. Candidates Andrew Sneathern and Leslie Cockburn joined us in our meeting.   (Report Continued in next Column)

March 6th Morning Coffee (Continued)

General topics discussed among all of us and important points made:

  • We have to vote people out of office who accept money and expect favors, this is ruining our election process.
  • Gerrymandering must end. Our District was drawn by Republicans specifically for the purpose of keeping Republicans in office in the 5th. Tom Garrett thinks he can't be beat due to how the district was redrawn. We need to prove otherwise.
  • Don't get distracted by all the things that are being thrown out by politicians to divide us. Focus instead on all the things we have in common, and work to preserve the ideals we share.
  • Legislation like the Dreamers Act, Gun Legislation, etc. is being held up by political stunts in Congress.  There is good legislation in the House, we just need to elect candidates who will get it passed. 


Para Nuestros Amigos de Habla Español

IMPORTANT: Check Your Voter Registration


We have been advised by Doug Miller,   

our Democratic Representative from the Greene County Board of Elections, to check your Voter Registration information frequently from now until the election. He said that individuals need to check to see if their information has been tampered with. He further statedthat the State of Virginia has been working hard to make sure our voter information is secure and is paying close attention to possible meddling with registrations, but everyone should monitor their registration and report any suspected abuses.   If you check your registration and notice anything suspicious, the Greene County Board of Elections can be reached by calling 434-985-5213 or by stopping by their office in the Town of Stanardsville, located at 32 Stanard Street behind the Courthouse. You can check your own voter information online by entering a few, birthday, etc.!




Chair:               Elizabeth Alcorn                      

Vice Chair:      Barbara Lambert                      

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Treasurer:       Sue Dwoskin                       



Dyke:                Pete Bonds

Midway:           Ted Crackel


Stanardsville:  Paul Harrington

Swift Run:        Bob Dwoskin


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Why We Ask for Contributions?

Even as a small group, we have the everyday expenses of running our organization.....rental expenses for our group meetings space, printing costs, supply purchases, bumper stickers, etc.  Our very BIGGEST expense, that most people don't realize, is the cost of campaign signs that are displayed in our county for any election. Our local Democratic Committee must pay for the smaller yard signs as well as the larger billboard type signs.  They all are very expensive.  Unlike other parties, we don't get monetary help from the state or national level.  We need to make a HUGE difference in 2018 by turning out voters in big numbers on election day.

  Let’s make a GIANT BLUE WAVE in Greene County!   



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