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Sunday, August 19th, 5:00 PM

Greene County Democrats invite the public to attend our Sunday evening Potluck on each 3rd Sunday of the month at the Emmanuel Christian Center. 

 (Location:  111 New Life Drive, 

Ruckersville, VA, directly across

 from Tractor Supply on Rt. 33.)

  • 5:00 pm Arrive for Social Time
  • 5:30 pm Meal Begins 
  • 5:50 pm Announcements and Business Meeting  as the Meal Continues  

PROGRAM:  Updates and discussion on all ongoing projects designed to 

“Get Out the Vote”



Tuesday, September 4th, 10 AM    


Please join us at 10 am on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Town Hall Building in Stanardsville (19 Celt Road across from the County Administration Building). Parking is available behind the Town Hall or across the street. We have lively discussions concerning pertinent state and local issues, guest speakers and candidates, and fellowship! You do not have to be a member to attend, everyone is welcome.

Come join us!    



September 4th - October 23rd

Come address postcards to


Please bring a sheet of 

Post Card Stamps 

Where:  Samantha Hansen's House

3486 Fredericksburg Rd. (Rt. 609)

Ruckersville, VA 22968

For more information contact 

Samantha Hansen


or 434-282-5315

email: sam.jim.h2@gmail.com

Join us for fun, comradery, and to help get Locals to the Polls on Nov. 6th!


Get Involved....Post Card Signing Socials with Wine and Cheese , Canvassing, Telephone Banking, etc.

             All details on our Calendar of Events    

Brief Updates August 7th Morning Coffee

July 4th and Tee Shirts

Barbara Lambert thanked everyone who had worked so hard to make our July 4th parade and booth a big success.  She reported that all of the Green DEMS remaining tee shirts were given out at the July 4th booth.  A new order will be placed ASAP to be ready in time for canvassing.  Paul Harrington and Lynn Larkins will gather information on timing, costs, and availability and get back to the Chairs.

Postcard Signing Socials

Samantha Hansen gave a report on a project she has brought to the group involving the sending of pre-printed  postcards encouraging Greene Co residents to vote on Nov 6th for our two great Democratic candidates, Tim Kaine and Leslie Cockburn. She and her committee will be meeting next week to nail down times and places for the Signing Socials. These will be announced at the August Potluck.

Voter Circle

Colleen Green gave a brief summation on Voter Circle, a program involving individuals using their own private email lists to send information regarding candidates and encouraging people to vote.  She said if anyone was interested they could contact her for more information.   

Colleen Green


 (434) 985-1230  

Phone Banking

Tamsin Stewart will be heading up the Phone Banking efforts in Greene County.  Planning for where and when is in the beginning stages, but this will be a big part of  our "Get Out the Vote" effort.  More details will be given later in August at the Potluck.  Anyone interested in volunteering to make phone calls or for more information can  contact Tamsin Stewart at  

   Home:  434-985-1211
   Cell:      434-409-4411
   Email:   tamsinstewart@comcast.net


Cathy Sypher will be heading up all the Canvassing efforts for Greene County.  The Precinct Captains have met and have been engaged in a "soft canvassing" the past several weeks to get geared up for the big push after the Labor Day Holiday on September 3rd.  There was some discussion on who to target in these efforts.  Cathy said that statistically many on record as Greene Co Democrats do not regularly vote. Campaign officials are encouraging localities to concentrate on getting the Democrats, Leaning Democrats, and Independents to the polls for the initial canvassing work.  Cathy said that each of these households needed to see one of us at their door twice between now and the election on Nov 6th.  Anyone interested in helping with the large task of canvassing, please contact Cathy Sypher to sign up:

      Email: cathysypher@gmail.com

      Phone: 434-985-8934   Cell: 434 964-6528 

Happy Trails!

We said goodbye to our dear members and friends Diamond and Brennan Stansell, as Brennan's next stint of work with the Navy will be taking their family to Italy later this week. We wish you the best of luck and safe travels.  You will be missed all around the county!


And, a BIG THANKS to Adam Hark for bringing the variety of Bodo's Bagels and cream cheeses and to Cathy Sypher for the homemade fruit bread!

Help Stop Gerrymandering in Virginia

Sign the Petition....Easy, Simple

 Every decade, with recent results of the census in hand, legislative districts are drawn. Redrawing political lines is a powerful tool that determines who wins an election, controls the legislature, and ultimately which laws pass. In Virginia, legislators create the criteria and draw their own districts. This is a manipulative process known as gerrymandering, and we must create a system that more fairly draws political lines. Some of our Greene County Democrats are very involved in the group One Virginia 2021 to stop Gerrymandering in Virginia. Help is needed and all you have to do is 


IMPORTANT: Monitor Your Voter Registration

Check Your Registration EASILY Here


We have been advised by Doug Miller,   

our Democratic Representative from the Greene County Board of Elections, to check your Voter Registration information frequently from now until the election. He said that individuals need to check to see if their information has been tampered with. He further statedthat the State of Virginia has been working hard to make sure our voter information is secure and is paying close attention to possible meddling with registrations, but everyone should monitor their registration and report any suspected abuses.   If you check your registration and notice anything suspicious, the Greene County Board of Elections can be reached by calling 434-985-5213 or by stopping by their office in the Town of Stanardsville, located at 32 Stanard Street behind the Courthouse. You can check your own voter information online by entering a few items...name, birthday, etc.!

Beware of VA Voter Registration Scam


Virginia Elections Officials Warn of Groups "Confusing Mailers" about Registration Status

The Virginia Department of Elections says it has received numerous phone calls from concerned voters who had received “confusing mail” suggesting that their voter registration status was in question.

The mailers did not come from state elections officials. They came from the Voter Participation Center, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization — unaffiliated with government — that says it seeks to register “under-represented Americans,” specifically unmarried women, people of color and millennials.”

Para Nuestros Amigos de Habla Español



Chair:                   Barbara Lambert                                balambert@centurylink.net

                               (540) 985-4919

Co-Vice Chair:    Colleen Green


                               (434) 985-1230  

Co-Vice Chair:    Cathy Sypher


                               (434) 985-8934 

Secretary:           Kelly Harding 


                                (704) 517-1442

         MAIL:     Democrats of Greene County

                         PO Box  826

                         Stanardsville, VA  22973

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Dyke:                Pete Bonds peterbonds@gmail.com

Midway:           Ted Crackel tcrackel2@gmail.com

Ruckersville:    Cathy Sypher cathysypher@gmail.com

                          Lynn Larkins llarkins42@gmail.com

Stanardsville:  Paul Harrington paulh42@me.com

Swift Run:        Mark Heinicke mark_heinicke@earthlink.net


   Tamsin Stewart
   Email:   tamsinstewart@comcast.net 



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Why We Ask for Contributions?

Even as a small group, we have the everyday expenses of running our organization.....rental expenses for our group meetings space, printing costs, supply purchases, bumper stickers, etc.  Our very BIGGEST expense, that most people don't realize, is the cost of campaign signs that are displayed in our county for any election. Our local Democratic Committee must pay for the smaller yard signs as well as the larger billboard type signs.  They all are very expensive.  Unlike other parties, we don't get monetary help from the state or national level.  We need to make a HUGE difference in 2018 by turning out voters in big numbers on election day.

  Let’s make a GIANT BLUE WAVE in Greene County!   



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Help ELECT DEMOCRATS in our community!  All donations, large or small, help continue our work. 

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