Executive Branch-VA State Government

Governor Ralph Northam (Democrat)

Lt.Governor Justin Fairfax (Democrat)

Attorney General Mark Herring (Democrat)

U.S. Senators of Virginia

U.S. House of Representatives, 5th District

Rep. Tom Garrett (Republican)

In 2018, we need to work to ELECT LESLIE COCKBURN, Democrat  for this seat in November.

Tom Garrett has now withdrawn from the race. On June 2nd the Republican officials hand picked a candidate to run in his place, Denver Riggleman.  Unfortunately, you can change the face but not the politics. Denver Riggleman is being referred to as "a carbon copy of Tom Garrett".


58th District Virginia House of Delegates

Del. Rob Bell (Republican)

We need a new delegate next go round!  Rob Bell has been our representative long enough.....we need some fresh representation.  As reported by local media, Rob Bell is the man who was present and sat quietly by when the Greene Republican Party voted to let Jason Kessler become a local member, Kessler being the organizer of the August 12, 2017 Neo-Nazi Rally in Charlottesville, VA resulting in the death of our own Heather Heyer. Jason Kessler doesn't even live in Greene County.  Jason Kessler is a known racist and advocate of hate.....why is Del. Bell personally participating in such decisions for our county and not even standing up to

 extreme racism and hate??

Virginia State Senate, District 24

Emmett Hanger (Republican)

Keenly dug into Republican stances, politicians like Hanger limit our abilities as citizens to live in safe communities due to their extreme beliefs in allowing military assault weapons in households and into the hands of most anyone. They block our ability to have affordable health care and to live free from worry about what's going to be taken from us next....are they coming after our hard earned Medicare and Social Security as we age, are our aging parents going to be thrown out of nursing homes as they turn a blind eye to proper Medicaid funding?  Where is our next health insurance provider coming from and are we even going to be able to pay for family health insurance? Do you really still think it's right for politicians in Richmond to make decisions for a family when it comes to family and women's health care choices? Republicans in the past have cried out to keep government out of people's business...so why do they keep appearing in our private family discussions and in our bedrooms?

We need representation for all of us.....

Emmett Hanger, Tom Garrett, and Rob Bell do not know what America looks like....

we need Democrats in these offices that we know will represent all Virginian's!! 

2019 Election: Annette Hyde (D) for Va. Senate

Declared Candidacy for District 24 Senate Seat in 2019 Election


Annette Hyde, from Madison County, has already announced her candidacy to run for Virginia's 24th District Senate seat in 2019.  The seat is currently held by Emmett Hanger (R) and she said she didn't think he should run unopposed for another term, after 20 years in office.   With the wave of Democratic victories in the 2017 election, she believes she can help flip the Senate to Democratic control in 2019. She's running for office because she  cares about her friends and neighbors and what happens to them. Her views on many issues can be found on her website: