Report of Potluck and Business Meeting, Nov 18th

As always, a wonderful meal was enjoyed by all. Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved. The Treasurer’s report was given. 

Thanks were given to the many Greene County Democrats who participated in multiple aspects of our campaigns this year. So many strong DEMS came into our group, stepped up to the plate and worked hard, and it was inspiring to see our group grow together as a Committee and as a Team. 

Mark Heinicke gave a report on a group he has joined to fight Dominion Energy’s plan to place a noisy, high powered compressor station in a minority community in Buckingham County. The potential for an environmental disaster is high. The group is called Cancel the Compressor Coalition if you would like to participate or follow their activities. 

Doug Miller, Vice Chair of the Greene Co. Electoral Board, talked with us about how good Virginia’s election and balloting systems are, compared to States like Florida. By 8:15pm on Nov 7th Greene County had all ballots tallied, including absentee ballots. He also encouraged Democrats to consider working at the polls on Election Day for more visibility in the community, and for the Committee to begin looking towards the future when Electoral Board members will be needed. He said that the Greene Co Democrats did a good job on the election, but with Virginia being one of the most heavily gerrymandered states, that electing Democrats in the 5th District was fairly impossible.

Bill Sypher gave a brief talk on how the elections went in Greene County. The history in our county is that citizens vote heavily for Republican candidates by a wide margin, even when Democrats win by large margins in other areas of the state. In the 5th district, we again see Republican victors and this has very much to do with the 5th District being heavily gerrymandered. The non-partisan group OneVirginia2021 is working hard for redistricting in our state and local Democrats worked tirelessly in the rain on Election Day, obtaining 600 signatures on the petitions to end gerrymandering. 

Samantha Hansen gave a report of what she has found out about our group becoming an Adopt-A-Highway participant, responsible for trash clean up alongside one of our counties roads. Someone at a previous meeting brought this up as a possible ongoing group project, and Samantha volunteered to get some information.  She said that the State requires that we do the trash pickup two times before the State would put up a sign representing our group. The State would also provide safety vests and trash bags, and require that we do a 2 mile stretch to be eligible for their program. Currently, Jeri Allen Way is available (the road to the landfill, park, and animal shelter), but we will discuss this more at a future meeting after time to think about it more. We need young helpers if we are to commit to this project.

There was group discussion on the location where our Potlucks are held. There was an almost unanimous vote to move the location of our Potluck dinners back to Grace Episcopal Church in Stanardsville, starting with the Holiday Celebration on December 16th. Grace Episcopal Church now has the ability to meet our needs of paying someone to move heavy tables and chairs from the basement for set-ups and take-downs for these Potlucks. 

Pete Costigan gave a little background on the work of the local Youth Development Council.  We voted to become sponsors of the Youth Development Council of Greene County with an initial donation of $200. As we strive to grow our Outreach, members were encouraged to submit other groups for sponsorship consideration.

Due to extensive travel plans, Barbara Lambert gave her resignation as Chair of the GCDC and a Nominating Committee was established to find a new Chair. All inquiries and recommendations for this Committee should be addressed to Kelly Harding, Secretary, and Chair of the Nominating Committee, or Co-Vice Chairs Cathy Sypher and Colleen Green (see contact information on the ORGANIZATION PAGE of the Website.)

As Carol Bratton steps down as our Website Administrator, she announced that Carolyn Politis who is well experienced in doing Websites and Social Media has volunteered to take Carol’s place. Carolyn has been working with Carol and Suzanne for about a month now and is already adding a fresh face to the Website. She is also well versed in Instagram and has that up and running from the Website, in hopes of attracting more young people to our group.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.